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for instant relief from advertising, marketing and corporate culture.

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Kick back weary websurfer and bleed advertising will administer the antidote to alleviate pains relating to creative industries.

Consult your marketing professionals Jacque Moodley (Art Director) and Ryan Whyte (Graphic Designer), by selecting your prefered method of treatment.


Dosage: 1 pill a day - (finish course).

Our office. 💻

You're looking at it. This website, along with our social platforms is our office.

✏️ Illustration by Carike Cronje @icarus4art

Meet Jacque 🍪

Making unusual connections between topics is what he does best. Nougatelli cookies are his favourite. Jacque Moodley, AKA Falcone Beats is an Art Director, dad, music producer, beat maker and hip hop lyricist.

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Meet Ryan 🥑

He subtly stokes conversational fires and then sits on the fence. Ryan Whyte is a Graphic Designer who enjoys meditation, yoga and organic whole foods. We could've just said that Ryan lives in Cape Town.

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We sell nothing 🆓

Our podcast is free to listen and our website is ad-free. We do not sell merchandise, however you may download our graphics pack and create your own products. Even though we are non-commercial, we would appreciate your support on Patreon for $1 per month. Every bit will help us sustain the work we do - I mean, we have to pay for those cortados and croissants somehow.

Serving suggestions - T Shirt, framed artwork or device background.

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